Issue of Teen Mental Health

Mental health is a huge crisis that is being vastly ignored by parents, schools, and other major organizations. We recognize that while there are resources out there, many times teens feel intimidated to approach for help for a variety of personal reasons. As well, many times when teens  use these resources, they are pushed away as someone who is “seeking attention” or “faking it”. DeepHelp was made for teens by teens, so there is no judgment with reaching out.


More alarmingly, the mental health of adolescents and teenagers seem to be worsening every year. There are various types of anxiety disorders experienced by adolescents and teenagers, but phobias and separation anxiety tend to be the most prevalent. Social media and the internet are so important in our lives but at the same time, it ruins our self-image and mental health.

Researchers found that talking with a peer who can relate to a similar issue greatly helps with reducing the levels of stress an individual is feeling, and that is the basis on what DeepHelp was founded on. A peer to peer chat system has been effective in our experiences and we wanted to create the world’s best widely available teen to teen mental health chat software we could.

Crisis Resources

While DeepHelp is not a crisis chat service, we want to include these resources to ensure that they are publicly known and available for those who need them.  Please feel free to use and share these resource as needed:

SAMHSA’s Helpline (for Substance Abuse or Mental Health Issues): 800-662-HELP (4357)

Trevor Project (for LGBTQ+ Teens): or 866-488-7386 

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (for General Crisis Emergencies):  800-273-8255

Suicide Prevention & Awareness (International):