About Us

DeepHelp is a peer to peer support non-profit organization aimed at helping teenagers and young adults who experience stress, depression, and anxiety. Our sole goal is to be the support that best provides for your needs, in order to make your everyday life happier and healthier. If you’re ever needing a shoulder to lean on, someone to vent to, or a friend to keep your spirits up, we’re the people to come to, and we’ll be here every step of the way. Your mental health affects the way you live, and DeepHelp will be here alongside you on your journey.

What is Support Chatting and How do I use it?

Our ideology revolves around the fact that even a simple talk with some random person on the internet who can relate to your struggles can help reduce stress that often leads to crumbling when under excess amounts of pressure. 

Our Foundation and Vision

Deephelp was founded in 2016 by two teens who wanted to help people struggling with issues but don’t have anyone to get help from. While it shut down a few months later, this organization touched so many lives in such a small time period. Many of those who were helped in the short period of time when the original DeepHelp was operating showed a significant emotional improvement, so we knew that what we were doing was important for us to share with everyone. A few years later, a small group of volunteers refurbished DeepHelp and was able to bring it back to life to help teens around the United States. 

These support chats are helpful in getting our users the comfort and relief they need to reclaim their mental health and stop it from deteriorating. DeepHelp is being pushed by it’s volunteers as a 24/7 global resource that any teen can use anonymously to get the help they need from another teen with a similar experience. 

Our Board of Directors

Meet our current Board of Directors! This passionate board of youth acts as the backbone of our internal operations. They are constantly striving to achieve DeepHelp’s mission and vision one step at a time.

Kavish S.

President & Proud 3D Printer Owner

Alistair F.

Vice President & Content Writer